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Taizhou City 2023


Feb 2023

Costa Rica
March 2023

The Entrust Apparel was founded by Nino Jay in 2022 on Guangzhou in China.

Entrust is a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of fashion equipment: caps, clothing, pants, bags, accessories and other fashion items.

We also accept custom order with your own style.

We work fashion designs for young people. 

We support you in the renewal of your store, A store where customers can choose any detail to customize your cap, shirt and pants with own style.

The production capacity is 3,600,000 Caps per year.
We focus on high quality blank caps, Custom caps & Accessories for blank caps.

Feb 2023, We opened a warehouse in Taizhou city of Zhejiang Province with more than 5,000 square meters to keep stock caps to send immediately to customers and also to receive customers from North China.

We open our first warehouse and office in Nicaragua.

We open our first warehouse in Costa Rica.


+86 178 0888 8399‬

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